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How do I Create the Chinook Database?

Download and extract the zip file from the Downloads tab. It is provided one or more SQL script file for each database vendor supported. You can run these SQL scripts with your preferred database tool.

For SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and SQLite, there are available batch files that will execute the respective SQL script(s). These batch files use the database server command tool (mysql.exe for MySQL, sqlcmd.exe for SQL Server, sqlplus.exe for Oracle, and sqlite3.exe for SQLite). If you are using Windows Vista/2008/7, it is recommended to open a Command Prompt window as Administrator in order to run these batch files.

For embedded databases, SQLite and SQL Server Compact, it is also provided the embedded database files in addition to the SQL script files.

Notes for MySQL Version

  • The provided scripts were tested using MySQL Server 5.1.
  • The CreateMySql.bat file uses the localhost server, and the root user with the password p4ssw0rd. Change this file to match your settings before running it.

Notes for Oracle Version

  • The provided script was tested using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE).
  • The CreateOracle.sql creates a new user chinook, with the password p4ssw0rd. Change this script if you want a different user/password.

Notes for SQL Server Version

Notes for SQL Server Compact Version

Notes for SQLite Version

  • The provided scripts were tested using SQLite 3.7.3

Notes for EffiProz Version

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agowtham Sep 4, 2012 at 10:39 AM 
after running the bat file how do i connect to the database??