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Generating SQL scripts for the Chinook Database

Required Tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Database Servers

  • SQL Server Express (already installed with Visual Studio).
  • Oracle Database 11g Express Edition (XE).
  • MySQL 5.5 Community Server: Choose all default settings when installing, but on the MySQL Server Instance installer make sure to select:
    • Best Support For Multilingualism
    • Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH
  • Download the latest source code from here.
  • Open the Solution file ChinookDatabase.sln in Visual Studio.
  • If you want to use the data from your own iTunes library, then replace the file ChinookDatabase\DataSources\_Xml\Source\iTunes Music Library.xml with your version.
    • In app.config, verify that the connection strings are matching any changes you made to username/password above. Also, the Oracle connection string uses the Express Edition, e.g. Data Source=xe. So, change it if you are using a different Oracle edition.
  • On the Solution Explorer, click on your Solution and then click on the Transform All Templates button at the Solution Explorer buttons bar.
  • Rebuild the solution.
  • Verify that your database servers are properly set:
    • The batch file DataSources\CreateMySql.bat uses the root user with the password p4ssw0rd.
    • The generated Oracle SQL script creates a new user chinook, with the password p4ssw0rd. You might want to change this to use a different user/password.
  • Create the database using the appropriate scripts.
  • Run the database tests in ChinookDatabase.Test to make sure your database was created properly.

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