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EF4 Data Model Navigation Properties Missing

Mar 9, 2011 at 7:19 PM


ISSUE: Navigation Properties Missing in the EF4 Data Model using Chinook 1.3

I downloaded the 1.3 version for SQL Server, installed the db using the IDENTITY script, created a VS2010 project and solution, and added an EF4 data model that points to the Chinook database.  Everything appeared fine until I noticed that the Navigation Properties were missing from the data model (cs) and the designer (edmx) didn't contain associations.  I spent an hour or so dropping the db, deleting the project, recreating the db, and recreating the project; however, the resulting EF4 code/model remained the same - missing Navigation Properties and associations.

In my final cycle in the delete/drop/recreate madness, I decided to download the 1.2 version of the SQL database.  I again created the db with the IDENTITY script, project, and EF4 data model; however, this time the Navigation Properties and associations worked as expected.

I have no idea why the Navigation Properties failed to generate, but I just wanted to post this message if other have a similar issue.

SOLUTION: Download and use the Chinook 1.2 version.

Hope this saves someone a little bit of agony... -Dan

Apr 26, 2011 at 10:26 PM

Hello DRyan,

I was facing the same problem running SQL Server 2008 Express, EF4.1 and the Chinook DB V1.3

I dropped V1.3, installed v1.2, added my domain and the navigation properties and associations were there.